Farmhouse Eggerhöfe

Traditional lifestyle

A farmhouse for guests of all ages

The Eggerhöfe holiday farm was first mentioned in documents around the 1800s.
At that time, people lived above the valley to be safe from natural catastrophes. Nowadays, tourists from around the world enjoy the magnificent view of the mountains.

Since 2001, Christian & Marlies Leitgeb have owned the “Hofschank” (a typical old cellar restaurant), and in 2004 it was lovingly restored by using materials from the family owned forest and lands.

Eggerhöfe farmAnimals


Life is always busy on a mountain farm

Do you know how to make butter and yoghurt?
No problem, just watch your hosts at work and you’ll soon find out about life in a real mountain farmhouse!

If you ask, we’ll take you on a tour of our farm and stables and we’ll let your children have an exciting ride on a tractor.
Come and meet our animals (sheep, rabbits, pigs, hens, cows and cats). If you like, you can help with the hay-making and then enjoy a traditional farmer’s meal in our typical “Hofschank” (cellar restaurant).